Anticipating tomorrow

A lot of companies claim that innovation is part of their DNA. At Faurecia, we do more than talk about it. We live it in our daily work to create value for customers and consumers.

Environmental protection, connectedness, autonomous driving… To meet the exciting challenges associated with society’s new expectations, Faurecia anticipates the future of mobility in its two areas of innovation:

  • Smart life on board

Faurecia’s innovative approach to the on board experience combines enhanced safety and well-being with seamless integration of electronics and smart surfaces. Adaptable to different driving modes, our versatile “Cockpit of the Future” offers a connected, predictive experience for a smart life on board.


  • Sustainable mobility

In response to a growing demand for heightened environmental protection, Faurecia is driving improvement in air quality and fuel consumption with a combination of lightweight technologies, emissions reduction solutions and energy recovery systems.

We’re also expanding our technology and expertise through investment in an enlarged innovation ecosystem. This includes partnering with academics and industrial companies and investing in start-ups to accelerate advancements through open innovation.

We apply innovation to our own processes as well, including through our Manufacturing 4.0 initiative, part of our digital enterprise project.


A few samples of our innovations in action:

Active Wellness ™ 2.0 - the first connected seat that anticipates driver comfort and safety, in every driving situation. This breakthrough innovation gathers information from sensors in and around the vehicle seats, then applies countermeasures to respond to detected motion sickness, stress, discomfort, drowsiness, and readiness to operate controls.. An experience that readies occupants for the new realities of autonomous driving.



Intuition - smart surfaces with integrated electronics, swiveling black-panel screens, high-resolution active matrix organic LED (AMOLED) screens and functional lighting are among the features of Faurecia’s next generation of vehicle interiors. A leap forward in intuitive technologies and on-board connectivity, this “cockpit of the future” demonstrates Faurecia’s expertise in seamlessly integrating materials and technologies and offers a preview of tomorrow’s world of autonomous driving.




Ammonia storage and delivery system (ASDS™) - using pure ammonia stored in solid form, this solution substantially improves air quality by treating vehicle nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions more efficiently in particular at low exhaust system temperatures. Shown to eliminate up to 99% of NOx pollutants from diesel-equipped city buses, ASDS™ is now being introduced in passenger cars. 

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engineers & 30 R&D centers

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