Become part of a true community

Our greatest strength is the commitment and professionalism of Faurecia’s teams, unified through a performance culture that empowers them to achieve results and create value. Whether celebrating shared values, recognizing successes or giving back to host communities, employees’ daily activities reflect Faurecia’s vibrant culture.

For Faurecia, culture is far from an abstract concept. Valued as an essential ingredient in our company’s growth strategy, culture is something we talk about, nurture and celebrate.

Faurecia’s 100,000 employees around the world drive our success through a culture of performance and long-term value creation.

With operations in 34 countries, Faurecia’s culture is enriched by the diversity of our employees’ international backgrounds and serves as a source of strength in today’s global and ever-changing automotive We foster an inclusive and accepting environment and consciously work toward achieving greater gender balance and generational mix throughout our organization.

In 2014, we launched a companywide initiative, Being Faurecia, to transform our culture to focus on both achieving benchmark performance and on developing talent to ensure our long-term success. Being Faurecia is based on the values of entrepreneurship, autonomy and accountability, respect, energy and exemplarity. Its continued deployment is helping us to maintain our leading edge in our industrial processes, product offer and work practices and create value for all stakeholders: customers, partners and employees.

Our culture is evident in observing the energy and passion that drives our employees each day, as well as during special events. All sites celebrate Faurecian Day each year, sponsoring special events to which employee families and community neighbors are often invited.

Born to be Faurecian

Blanca Villalba

Born to be Faurecian

Piotr Moson

Extending a helping hand

In countries where Faurecia operates, employees continue to make a difference in their local communities, raising funds and collecting donations for those in need. The FUELS program (Faurecia Unites with Employees for Local Services), deployed in several countries, collects meals for local food banks. Other activities include collecting and donating toys, school supplies or computer equipment for children.