FUELS: The standard-bearer for our employee initiatives for local solidarity programs

From a food drive in North America to a global standard-bearer in 12 countries

FUELS was founded in 2010 as a corporate-giving initiative in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Originally created to fight hunger, FUELS in North America helped organize annual food drives, form local partnerships with food banks and farmers, and collect donations to purchase meals. The program was successful in all these efforts year after year, increasing from 500,000 meals donated to a local food bank in 2010 to a record-high 3,500,000 meals in 2014. This success led Faurecia to adopt FUELS as a Group-wide program.

As FUELS expanded to other parts of the world, Faurecian countries began to adopt the program’s name to represent additional initiatives that supported local communities in new ways.

They organized their own campaigns in areas such as disaster relief, education, health and medical research, and aiding disadvantaged children and families. A wide range of solidarity programs now fall under the banner of FUELS, from volunteerism to donation drives.

These activities include direct (e.g. reading classes) and indirect (e.g. donation drives for school supplies, clothing, and food) forms of support.

Many of these indirect support campaigns have achieved success via partnerships between the large-scale FUELS programs and independent charities and organizations such as the Red Cross/Red Crescent, Les Restos du Coeur, Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots.


Overview of the FUELS program in 2016

14 FUELS campaigns ran in 10 different countries around the world in 2016.

In addition, Faurecia sites organized more than 25 other CSR initiatives. The main causes supported include:

  • Helping children – Initiatives include toy, clothing, and school supply drives; educational volunteerism and donations; as well as medical awareness and donations for children in need:
    2 Faur’kid classes in China helped to equip schools and teach children about environmental issues. Caps are collected in Spain and a night bicycle race is held in Mexico to help children with serious or rare diseases.
  • Fighting hunger – Programs exist in France, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Canada, India and the US:
    In 2016, over 1.1 million meals were collected for local food banks in Canada, Mexico and United States, plus about 47,000 more in France.
  • Promoting health – Initiatives are carried out in Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Poland and the UK.