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At Faurecia, our people are our greatest asset, and so, effective people development is important to us! We believe that investing in the personal and professional development of our employees is essential. Not only does this support the development of employees’ skills, it also results in more energized, passionate and loyal people.

How do we do this? We invest in people by providing opportunities to enable employees to develop to their full potential. We identify talent at an early stage and offer diversified career paths to build the skills needed to fulfill their aspirations. We do this through preparing individual development plans, offering geographic and cross-functional mobility and offering unique training programs, including specialized ones through our own Faurecia University.

One of primary priorities is to open doors for all employees to exciting, challenging careers with promising futures. We want the people who work with us to know that they can be themselves and do what they love. When you join Faurecia, you’re teaming up with an employer that’s committed to supporting your growth and developing your talents, which is why Faurecia’s managers are focused on becoming “people developers” – so that your professional growth is a priority.

Training is one of our most valuable investments. Providing employees with training adds to their skillset, enables them to create additional value and increases their motivation. Much of our training is offered through e-learning or through Faurecia University, which has campuses on three continents.

Faurecia actively recruits and offers exciting entry-level opportunities to university students and recent graduates globally. More than 2,800 young people are also gaining real-life work experience through our internships, apprenticeships or international professional (VIE) opportunities.

Career development isn’t just a possibility at Faurecia – it’s an expectation. Career moves are encouraged and can be within the same job family or into an entirely new function. Managers are expected to help employees consider next steps in their career and to support self-initiated changes.

We prioritize the development of our leaders from within and promoting mobility across professions and geographical regions. In 2016, 58% of our vacancies were filled internally. And for Plant Managers or Programs Managers, for example, this figure was nearly 80%.

If you have an inherent drive to create, progress and excel, then you were "Born to be Faurecian"!

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