Program Quality Engineer - QUA18215

Function: Quality / Health, Safety & Environment
Localization: China - Jiangsu - Yancheng
Contract type: Standard jobs
Publication date: 11th February 2018
Faurecia is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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Our [China Division] is looking for a [Program Quality Engineer] for its [Mechanism] at [Yancheng].
The main missions of the role are to:
  • 达到质量指标(如PPM, NRFT, S/R 100%,… )定义的质量目标,监督内外部供应商(在供应商质量采购的协同下)的实施,并一直跟踪其收敛计划的实施直至GR4。Achieve the Quality objectives defined within the Quality Target Study (such  as the PPM, NRFT, S/R 100%,… ), cascade them to the internal and external suppliers (via ASQ organisation) and follow them by the related Target Convergence Plan until GR#4
  • 作为客户联络人,为客户提供所需要的相关信息(例如客户APQP追踪,审核支持,8D报告直至项目正式量产)。Be the customer quality contact and satisfy related information demands (Customer APQP tracking, Audit support, 8D communication until SOP).
  • 确保项目程序阶段有效的控制计划及常规风险评估。(指标跟踪/PQA跟踪/供应商及客户PPAP跟踪/PLR跟踪等)Secure the program with efficient control plans for all program phases and regular risk assessments (Securization rate tracking / PQA tracking / Supplier & Customer PPAP tracking / PLR tracking / ...).
  • 每月以项目质量管理团队定义的指标形式汇报质量状况。Report on a monthly base the Quality status by indicators defined by the Program Quality Management.
  • 确保有效的控制计划能够保证发运:Assure deliveries within specification by efficient Control Plans (CP) for
    a) 样件(CP需与设计部门共同起草)prototypes (CP elaboration together with Design Office)
    b) 预量产(CP需由项目启动质量与工艺工程师共同起草)pre-series (CP prepared together with Plant New Program Quality (NPQ)  & Manufacturing Engineering (PML)
  • 在项目的各节点验证由项目质量(项目工艺工程师的协助下)更新的量产控制计划,并获得项目经理级工厂经理的通过。Validate updates of Control Plans in pre-serial phase established by the NPQ (support PML) and obtain the approval of the Program Manager / Plant Manager prior to the Program related Milestones (GR#2a for Prototype CP, GR#2b for Pre-Series CP, GR#4 for Series CP)
  • 邀请项目质量管理团队及工厂质量团队定义控制计划是否需要规模性更改。Involve the PQM & QP in case of identified needs to change Generic Control Plans
  • 产品生产时协助项目团队。Support the program during Product development (D-FMEA contribution / KPC observation = PIST during prototype phase (further monitoring of PIST & PIPC indicators by NPQ)).
  • 工艺过程开发时协助项目团队。Support the program during Process development (P-FMEA contribution & analysis / Inspection equipment definition / Program QRQC / …).
  • 管理所有内部供应商的APQP流程指导GR2,并协助项目质量直至客户PPAP完全批准。Monitor the APQP process of internal suppliers until Gate Review #2a and support the NPQ further on in his mission to achieve the Full Approval Status for all internal supplier parts before Customer PPAP (until GR#3)

The ideal candidate will have/be:

  • International mind set, overseas experience a plus
  • Minimum bi-lingual (English required)
  • ...

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