Simulation Specialist - RD 12722

Function: Engineering (R&D, Manuf. Eng.)
Localization: United States - Indiana - Columbus
Contract type: Standard jobs
Publication date: 15th June 2017
Faurecia is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Our Clean Mobility Business Unit is looking for a Simulation Specialist to be based at its Technical Center at Columbus, IN.
The main missions of the role are to:
  • Validation of weld tools for feasibility utilizing 3D simulation to ensure weld torch access meets weld standards(Coordinated with welding and assembly specialists)
  • Conduct 3D-PPFA(Product Process Functional Analysis) to validate the assembly process and its isostatism (reference system for components and sub-assemblies) by tolerance stack-up
  • Complete 1D manual stack-up analysis
  • Use process simulation software to create Off-Line Programming for robots and implement this programming with actual robot
  • Participate in development and deployment of Digital Factory using Delmia V6 in coordination with Bavans simulation team
In the following phases, he/she has to:
  • At product feasibility evaluation phase:
    • Check technical feasibility of welding the product
    • In combination with welding specialist, propose improvement to have correct welding process conditions by optimizing the product, and eventually promote new product definition to program teams
    • Evaluate in early stage of the program constraints and complexity of the tools by performing tooling simulation (torch access) on advanced feasibility performed by tooling design
  • At process/isostatism evaluation phase:
    • Conduct 3D-PPFA to validate the assembly process and the isostatism to simulate if process conditions are repeatable (welding) and if this will result in a capable final assembly (geometry conform to the drawing)
    • Conduct digital factory simulations to examine cycle time, part flow, work content balancing, and operator ergonomics.
    • Propose changes to optimize the process and implement these into the simulation for validation
    • Collaborate with the PML and PPTL to validate process changes and tooling improvements for product positioning
    • Working with tooling designers and setters, implement isostatism based on tooling standard library
    • Take into account best practices from previous tools designs, setup and mass production feedbacks to optimize tooling library
    • Finalize study as an input of the tooling technical specifications
  • At tooling validation phase:
    • Simulate and validate the access of the torch and robot to all weld joints to be manufactured on the tool in respect to Welding guidelines or specific Welding specialists recommendations
    • Validate the dynamic of the tool in the complete cell, including ergonomic basics for operator
    • Use the simulation developed to create off-line programs for use in robots
    • Collaborate with robot/welding specialist to implement these robot programs
Interfaces with Program Team, Tooling Coordinator, Process Specialist, and BTC Simulation Specialists
  • Acts as a support to PML (Program Manufacturing Leader) & Tooling Coordinator for the evaluation of the process definition and its isotatism.
  • Supports the Tooling Coordinator for the validation of the tooling design (advanced feasibility and design validation).
  • Works in collaboration with Welding Specialist for simulation of process (torch and robot access)
  • Coordinate and review projects with Simulation Specialists at BTC, review their reports with program teams in NAO to drive implementation of results
  • Coordinate with program team as required to implement Digital Factory for pilot program
The ideal candidate will have/be:
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent of 5 years’ experience with product or tooling design/simulation or manufacturing engineering
  • Proven technical skills on product and process, GD&T (ISO & ASME), Fixturing & Gaging, technical drawings
  • Knowledgeable with CAD system environment (Catia V5 preferred)
  • Knowledge in statistics / 6 sigma / capabilities
  • Fluent in English
  • DFM&A (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) experience to suggest alternate process definition, product definition, components definition when issues are encountered
  • Ability to present studies and promote expertise
  • Experience with welding, Fanuc robots, 3DCS Simulation Software, and Delmia V5/V6 are a plus but not required

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