Anta Fassa

After an entry level position as an IT buyer, Anta was given the responsibility of managing a team, then moved into a position managing HR Purchasing and working with multiple countries. Today, as Global Purchasing Manager for Indirect Purchasing, she has responsibility for several hundred millions of euros in annual spending in HR, travel and communications.

“Faurecia gives you recognition and opportunities to advance and develop a real career path. There’s great potential to grow here.
The notion of ‘service’ is one of the aspects I like best about working in Purchasing. Our internal customers of course expect us to help them obtain the best service at the best cost. But, it’s also about providing them with solutions that will facilitate their ability to do their day-to-day jobs. 

Important qualities to succeed in Purchasing include soft skills that help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Assertiveness is also important to be able to be effective in front of customers and suppliers. You also need the intellectual agility to quickly understand and shift between different areas. And creativity: It’s not just because we’ve been doing something one way for 10 years that we need to keep doing it that way if it’s not the best.

I really enjoy our company’s international diversity and the opportunity to share, exchange and learn from many types of people, in completely different environments, whether senior managers or front-line operators in a plant. It’s also true externally with suppliers. I may be dealing one day with a leading global supplier and the next meeting with a small service provider in Slovakia to talk about a local contract. 

There’s a great spirit within this company and there’s always something interesting to learn. People are generous in terms of sharing their knowledge and are impassioned about what they do. It’s a perfect school for life.”