Over the past few years, companies have developed resources to structure knowledge sharing, which is very productive both for the employees as well as for the business. Faurecia is no exception to the trend, offering mentoring and reverse mentoring. 

Mentoring focuses on improving participants' well-being rather than transferring functional skills. Employees volunteer to take part in the program, forming a relationship that is completely outside the bounds of company hierarchy and functions.

The mentor, an employee who has gained recognition within the company, provides insight and advice to the mentee. Mentors learn how to approach their new role during a daylong training session. For their part, the mentees are mainly identified when career development plans and induction programs are being developed.

The pairing of the duo is crucial, because there needs to be an understanding and chemistry between the two parties for the relationship to grow. More than 30 mentorships are currently underway and the Group already has 90 trained mentors.

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Reverse Mentoring: Young Employees Helping Managers achieve Digital Fluency

Launched last May, the digital mentoring program in Faurecia today represents 30 mentors trained from a dozen of countries.

Before taking on the new role, our digital mentors receive two days of training, during which they learn about the modules they will be teaching and work on their instruction approach and methods. The mentored managers preferably belong to a business unit impacted by the digital transformation and have a strong desire to understand the digital world and try their hand at using social media.

During the first meeting, the mentor and mentee become acquainted and set goals for the program, then the pair dives into the matter at hand – digital culture, LinkedIn, Twitter, Faur'us (our internal collaborative platform), Snapchat, WhatsApp and WeChat – going over each until mentee has a firm grasp of how to use them. 

Testimonial of a Digital Mentor