Operations is on the front lines of Faurecia’s production process. Speed, change, tangible output, transformation, constant adaptation, performance-driven and continuous improvement. These are some of defining characteristics of an operations job.

Operations builds on the work of other functions, combining the output of their efforts to complete delivery of the product to the customer. Operations teams speed and smooth production, improve quality and reliability, optimize manufacturing processes and drive continuous improvement.

The work environment for Operations people is constantly changing, propelled by the forces of digitization and global competition. Key activities include ensuring production at the right time of the right volumes at the required quality while ensuring the company’s continued competitiveness by optimizing process and human resources.

Key positions

Lean Manufacturing Specialist

The constant change in the automotive sector means that everyone must be constantly in motion, constantly improving and constantly innovating. Faurecia is a company with strong skills in those fields.
Florent Raguin , France

Plant Manager

Team work is key for the success of the plant. That's why good listening and communication with the team is essential.
Huang Fei , China


You've got to be a people person, able to intereact, people come to you with personal and work issues you've got to bottle it all in at once.
Tyrone Williams II , United States

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Operations / Standard jobs / Germany
Lean Industrial Design Manager BG (M/F)
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Operations / Standard jobs / Turkey
Faurecia Excellence System Specialist-EE
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Operations / Standard jobs / United States
Production Supervisor - Off-Shift
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Operations / VIE / Portugal
Manufacturing Engineer - International Assignment, VIE
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Operations / Standard jobs / United States
Production Supervisor
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Operations / Standard jobs / United States
Autonomous Production Unit Manager
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