Program Management

For major automakers, Faurecia’s worldwide presence and ability to support their global vehicle program launches make it a partner of choice. At the heart of these projects is the company’s Program Management teams, responsible for coordinating all company functions involved in meeting customer expectations.

Program Management team members manage projects of widely varying complexity at each step of the process, beginning with program launch and continuing throughout the life of the vehicle.

The program team works closely with the automaker and chosen production sites over several months, fine-tuning the project, honing the design and putting in place the needed organization and tools. 

Program Management serves as the lead customer contact, while working with each Faurecia function to ensure consistency and smoothness, from purchasing and quality to innovation and sales.

Key positions

Global Program Manager

In the fast-moving world of building car parts, you also need to think four steps ahead, to anticipate what the customer might think or say or react to.
Zach Ostrander

Program Manager

As a program manager you need strong communication skills and you have to lead the people. It's very international and intercultural.
Marleen DIEDRICHS, Program Manager , Germany

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