V.I.E program

At Faurecia, V.I.E. international assignments for European graduate students provide a great stepping stone to recruitment. Almost 55% of volunteers sign a permanent contract following their V.I.E. assignment. Since 2010, Faurecia has sponsored more than 1,100 V.I.E. assignments missions around the world.

  • What assignments are available? 

Whether you’re considering a career in engineering, production, R&D, sales, finance, human resources, purchasing or others, Faurecia offers you the chance to take on genuine responsibilities as part of ambitious company projects.

  • Which countries?

We are a global player in the automotive industry, with a presence on every continent. We currently have participants on assignment in more than 20 countries, including Germany, Brazil, China, Thailand, the United States and Mexico.
Among the many reasons to choose the V.I.E. program at Faurecia, you can:

  • Benefit from a dynamic work environment working for one of the global leaders in the automotive industry.
  • Become part of a large community in which you can share your experiences and develop a network.
  • Be guided by a mentor who will help you prepare for this unique experience and watch over your progress throughout your assignment.
  • Gain insights that enable you to refine your job expectations and explore a variety of prospective career paths.
  • Take advantage of a terrific springboard into an exciting career and your first job -- at Faurecia!

Applicant prerequisites

  • European graduates (master's degree) between the ages of 18 and 28

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These offers may interest you

Production Control & Logistics / VIE / Germany
Supply Chain Systems & Improvement Coordinator - International Assignment, VIE
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Finance / VIE / Germany
Junior Program Controller - International Assignment, VIE
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Quality / Health, Safety & Environment / VIE / Germany
Quality & Efficiency Engineer - International Assignment, VIE
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Operations / VIE / United States
Continuous Improvement Engineer - International Assignment, VIE
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Program Management / VIE / Germany
Deputy Program Manager - International Assignment, VIE
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Operations / VIE / South Africa
FES&P Engineer - International Assignement, VIE
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