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I'm in charge of everything to do with labor relations and organizational development at the plant. Everyday I'm dealing with people and the problems that arise, and I have to find the solutions.

Gisele Calderon , Mexico

Everybody’s willing to help you learn (…) My team is one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. They were willing to teach me. They sat down with me, had one-on-ones and gave me a little expertise, the...

Alhan Vazquez , United States

The constant change in the automotive sector means that everyone must be constantly in motion, constantly improving and constantly innovating. Faurecia is a company with strong skills in those fields.

Florent Raguin , France

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What I like in my job is the possibility to exchange with all the levels of the organisation: operators, on a daily basis and on the shopfloor but also with the managing team of the site.

Mariana SUAREZ, Human Resources Manager , Mexico

Mariana SUAREZ, Human Resources Manager

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It’s my responsibility to make sure the customer’s perspective is present within our plant and that we are finding solutions as quickly as possible to any issues that may arise and taking actions to ensure...

Etienne Raasch , Germany

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It's like becoming an impactful influencer on LinkedIn within 2 hours!

Gracja BOROWSKA, Digital Mentoring Project Manager and mentor

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I found that the fast paced and improvement driven in Faurecia Excellence System department suited well not only my analytical and logic skills developed at university, but also my personality.

Nicholas CAMPBELL, NEXTGEN Graduate in South Africa , South Africa

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We are very excited about the future of NEXTGEN with the current plans to enlarge the vision and extend the program to include a 12 month development program and structured Mentorship in 2018

Belinda SPANNENBERG, NEXTGEN program manager , South Africa

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Ensure the development of Faurecia South Africa’s future and our leadership development

Kirsten BATCHELOR-Previous Graduate on NEXTGEN, now permanently appointed , South Africa

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