Faurecia partners with an engineering school in Tunisia

On December 7th, our team in charge of developing the Cockpit of the Future was in Sousse, Tunisia, to talk with engineering students as part of Faurecia’s first formal partnership with an African university.

After Innovation Project Leader for our interior systems division Omar Ben Abdelaziz won the Engineer of Tomorrow Award in December 2015, Faurecia unveiled a partnership with his alma mater, Tunisia’s Sousse National School of Engineers (ENISO), which specializes in IT, electronics and mechatronics.

Since then, the partnership has expanded in a variety of ways. Faurecia is now sponsoring a final-year student project as well as an internship at its R&D Center in Méru, France; moreover, in September 2016 the Group launched an innovation challenge, open to all ENISO students, on the topic of the Cockpit of the Future (COF).

On December 7, COF engineers visited the campus to represent Faurecia at a business forum and assess the progress of several innovative projects submitted by ENISO students.

“This was a unique opportunity for the Cockpit of the Future team to meet with a young and creative group of students whose perspective on automobiles is very different from our own,” explained Product Marketing Director for our interior systems division Fabrice Ayçoberry.

Housed within a complex that is devoted entirely to innovation, alongside a business incubator and a research center for nanotechnology and microelectronics, the school also has plans to construct a building devoted exclusively to its partnership with Faurecia.

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