Faurecia seeks talents

Digital Transformation

As part of Faurecia’s Digital Transformation strategy, the Group is increasing its focus on opportunities and solutions provided by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Understanding that these fields will have a big impact on the automotive world, Faurecia is actively recruiting 20 Data Scientists and AI experts who can analyze data and develop new innovations for our products and processes.

To recruit these new talents, Faurecia participated for the first time in the 2017 DATAJOB fair.

Faurecia is integrating AI and Data Science in the production process to develop next-generation manufacturing solutions. These include improved predictive capabilities, optimized processes, and augmented production environments in all its plants.

In terms of products and technologies, the Group is utilizing AI and Data Science to better anticipate consumer expectations. When imagining the versatile cockpit of the future, innovations such as the connected, predictive cabin, and autonomous driving are fueled by advances made in these fields.

To keep up with these major new trends that are transforming the automotive industry, the Group is strengthening its relationship with other experts working in these fields.

As such, Faurecia has partnered with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to help develop key research. Through its IISc partnership, the joint research teams will be working on developments in 3 fields. This includes improving online control of air quality; analysis of data and algorithms concerning driver behavior; and applying artificial intelligence to industrial design.