Faurecians combatting hunger and organizing food drive

Created 8 years ago, the program FUELS (Faurecia Unites with Employees for Local Service) strives to end hunger in North America. It organizes annual food drives, creates local partnerships with food banks and farmers and fundraises money to buy meals for those in need. 

Today, FUELS epitomizes the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, deployed in 13 countries, and encourages Faurecians to get positively involved in local communities whilst ensuring value creation in the areas where we operate.

The program has spread to other countries and focused on new causes including health, education, training and housing. The initiatives have also taken new forms: races, charity walks, volunteering, projects to renovate homes and local community spaces …


At Faurecia NAO, although BG sites and countries have continued to develop new CSR humanitarian actions, food collections have remained the main initiative for the annual September campaign. This year, employees from all Faurecia sites carried out 4000 hours of volunteering and provided a total of 1 million meals.

Queretaro South plant employees helping delivering the food to some communities in the state.



In France, Faurecia has partnered local food banks and an NGO for the past four years. The charity fortnight has identified more potential beneficiaries for the FUELS campaign. On most sites, employees could vote for the NGO they wanted to help and choose from a local food bank as well as various organizations specializing in education, medical research or mobility. Out of the 34 sites, 24 chose the food collection initiative for local foodbanks. 

France, Beaulieu site employees waiting for the food bank to arrive

Sylvie CARTALAS, Faurecia France’s HR Director analyses: "This result isn’t really surprising. The Restaurants du Coeur (a French foodbank NGO) has been our partner for a long time now. Our employees have become attached to the charity and the Faurecia sites have often developed good relationships with the local food banks. Giving food perhaps bears more emotional significance and is also a more pragmatic gesture than other actions."


Today, countries and sites continue to involve employees more and more in company charity incentives by asking them to choose the initiatives they want to help and how. Stay tuned on the employee’s engagement through the upcoming FUELS programs and actions in India, Germany and China.