IT at Faurecia is a key player in our ongoing strategic transformation into a “Digital Enterprise.” IT also plays a major role in guaranteeing the service and support that ensures our business succeeds in our fast moving world.

Each day, IT teams are tackling critical challenges to help build Faurecia’s competitive advantage throughout Digital Transformation. Examples include developing mobile apps, harnessing and applying Big Data, engaging in predictive analysis, leveraging the cloud and contributing to Faurecia’s cultural shift to become a digitally advanced company. IT also plays a lead role in ensuring continuous optimization and cybersecurity of our company processes.

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Conception & étude d'un système aérolique complexe pour véhicule électrique BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Trainee
Digital Manufacturing Specialist
Digital Manufacturing Specialist BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021
BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited
Stagiaire Ingénieur(e) (H/F) Informatique BAVANS, FR 23-Nov-2021
Assistant Chef de Projet (H/F)
Assistant Chef de Projet (H/F) Bavans, FR 29-Nov-2021
Bavans, FR 29-Nov-2021 Trainee
Process Engineer Expert in Hydrogen high pressure Leaktest and Machinery BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited
Ingénieur(e) Stagiaire Métiers Simulation H2 Tank (H/F) Bavans, FR 25-Nov-2021 Trainee
Stagiaire Innovation Produit / Process : Réservoirs Hydrogène (H/F) Bavans, FR 22-Nov-2021 Trainee
Ingénieur Stagiaire « Modélisation 0D/1D système de stockage H2 liquide pour application automobile Bavans, FR 30-Nov-2021 Trainee
Supplier Quality Assurance M/W (internship / apprenticeship) 1 Bavans, FR 30-Nov-2021
Ingénieur Stagiaire (H/F) "Modélisation 0D/1D de dispositifs pour réservoir d'H2 liquide" Bavans, FR 30-Nov-2021 Trainee
FES (Faurecia Excellence System) & Productivity Engineer - Business Group Level BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited
Ingénieur Stagiaire Fluidique/Thermique (H/F) Bavans, FR 20-Nov-2021 Trainee
Stage - Développement système embarqué(H/F) Bavans, FR 20-Nov-2021 Trainee
Process Engineer in Assembly and Screwing BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited
Deputy Program Purchasing Leader Trainee (H/F) Bavans, FR 20-Nov-2021 Trainee
Ingénieur(e) Stagiaire Analyse Défaillance H2 Tank (H/F) Bavans, FR 30-Nov-2021 Trainee
Business intelligence Internship
Business intelligence Internship BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021
BAVANS, FR 20-Nov-2021 Apprentice
Innovation Program Manager
Innovation Program Manager BAVANS, I, FR 20-Nov-2021
BAVANS, I, FR 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited
Qualitätstechniker (w/m/d) - Berlin
Qualitätstechniker (w/m/d) - Berlin Berlin, DE 20-Nov-2021
Berlin, DE 20-Nov-2021
Health and Safety Manager Werk / Fachkraft für Arbeitssicherheit (w/m/d) - Berlin Berlin, DE 20-Nov-2021
Techniker Instandhaltung (w-m-d) - Berlin Berlin, DE 20-Nov-2021
Produktprüfer Quality Wall (w/m/d) - Berlin Berlin, DE 20-Nov-2021
Plant HR Business Partner
Plant HR Business Partner Blue Springs, MO, US 20-Nov-2021
Blue Springs, MO, US 20-Nov-2021
IT Technician Blue Springs
IT Technician Blue Springs Blue Springs, MO, US 20-Nov-2021
Blue Springs, MO, US 20-Nov-2021
Plant Material Planner
Plant Material Planner BOBLINGEN FIS JIT, DE 20-Nov-2021
BOBLINGEN FIS JIT, DE 20-Nov-2021 Unlimited