Jean-Luc ANOMA, portrait of a Data-Scientist

After graduating from a renowned French business school and embarking on a career in Finance, 

Jean-Luc Anoma made a 180° turn and decided to pursue training to become a Data Scientist.

It is as a Data Scientist that he ultimately joined Faurecia’s DSF - Digital Services Factory in Paris.

Jean-Luc ANOMA, Data Scientist

Jean-Luc ANOMA, Data Scientist


What is the Digital Services Factory (DSF)?

DSF’s role in Faurecia is to drive innovation using new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence. The objectives of this division are twofold:

  • help plants improve manufacturing processes and efficiency,
  • help the company adapt its product marketing on a commercial level - for example, keeping up with the self-driving car revolution.

The strength of DSF’s team comes from the wide variety of profiles of all its team members.


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