Process Tool Engineer M/F - RD 14372

Function: Engineering (R&D, Manuf. Eng.)
Localization: France - Picardie - Méru
Contract type: Standard jobs
Publication date: 15th May 2019
Faurecia is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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Our Europe Division is looking for a Process Tool Engineer to be based at its R&D Center in Méru (France).
The PTE is in charge of the complete development of tools and processes to reach FIS targets of Quality, Cost, Delivery within FCP & PMS requirements and to deliver components according to the part 3D in the right timing. 
Job is done when all the tools are fully validated by the Production Plant. 

The main missions of the role are to:

Scope of work, time frame

- Implement the standard process of tool development (FCP instructions) along PMS phase

- Build, update & monitor the complete timing plan for tools and processes to reach MPT (Mass production Trial), SOP and all other Faurecia&OEM milestone on time. Responsibility starts from product feasibiliy and study simplifications, which leads to robust and simple products and processes according to customer specification within FIS production system requirements (FCP documents)

- Build, update & monitor the progress of tool & process convergence to targets (FCP document "Tool List Indicator")

- Store all PTE documents into the apropriate share place.

Means / Support

- Anticipate & manage the necessary support in terms of expertise or simulation when needed (GTS, CAE, Logistics, Program, PML, PDL)

Within T&E, the PTE is working close to the T&E Buyer as a Team, and also with the TEC if any. PTE can ask support from Tool Performance

- Could also receive support from experts (Global Technology & Standard) when needed

- Capitalizes experience to improve continuously the efficiency of the service

Tool / Process definition

- Defines tools & process specificities & targets (FCP document : "Injection Data Sheet")

- Collect and analyse inputs from the Plant and the Program Team

- Ensure product feasibility by existing state of the art and standards in tools & process

- Lead the moldflow feasibility, check &analyse the reports, propose solution to reach targets

- Ensure respect of FIS tool standard (FCP document "General Specifications for Injection Moulds) and guidelines

- Participation to the RFQ and tool maker selection process, reviews toolmaker quotations with the T&EB

- Commit to necessary steps to kick off tool (SNC, Kick Off, Pre Study, Study)

- Translate product key characteristics into process parameters.

- Fulfills the IMDCS (Injection Mould Design Check Sheet) for pre-Studies and Studies

- Gives the top Steel and the top milling to the toolmaker

- Lead the tool follow up (TFU) of all his perimeter with the support of Local PTE (EU/Asia/India…) if any

- For visible grained parts, lead grain mapping activity with grain supplier, toolmakers and Program Team  (PDL/DE)

Tool / Process development

- progress and convergence of all necessary entry data to keep Quality, Cost, Delivery in line with initial plan (FCP document)

- Ensure that trials are performed within the closest conditions of those of the production plant (feedback on raw material & packaging consumption in Tool List Indicator).

- Check the part conformity before production with basic measurements (weight + main dimension)

- Check the part aspect before production

- Ensure the part are sent to the PPV for measurement, and ensure the dimensional report is available at the right timing

- Raise (Check Lists & PDCA) & implement all actions defined after each trial to reach Quality, Cost, Delivery in line with initial plan (FCP document "Tool Follow up")

- Alert PDL/PM when there is a risk for schedule/quality/overcosts. Raise T&E warning when needed.

- Liaise between program & toolmaker to ensure tuning & implementation of product modification, filter and analyse the information before any communication

- With T&EB, PTEs are the only interlocutors in front of the toolmakers

Ensure all checks before tool transfers from toolmaker to plant (FCP document "TFU/TLI") including scrap level and cycle time

- Support the tool disassembly at the toolmaker to check if the tool is according our specifications and 3D

Tool / Process validation

- Ensure all checks & R@R at plant (FCP document "TFU/TLI")

- Ensure transfer of proper documentation to the plant together with the tool

- Update and finalize the Tool Follow Up documentation to prepare Lessons learned process (FCP document)

- Raise program LL, potential KM or standard update or creation proposal

- Monitors plant performance with the daily KPIs reported by the plant

- Ensure conformity of the produced part versus the product specification defined by Product Line, through process parameters optimization.

- Support appearance approval for the engineering team (on virgin and aged and grained parts).

- Manage the tool acceptance at each step. Obtain the requested signatures (Tool Acceptance sheet)

- Give process inputs to Pilot Plant through standard documentation (Post-processing PTE)


AQP Moulding (TLI + TFU)

Interfaces outside Tool&Equipment service :                    

- Product and Design Engineering for simultaneous engineering process to achieve FES performence required

- PLTL &PML for input to dimension facilities (IMM size, cycle time, capacity)

- PPV/Quality for product performance (dimensions and appearance)

- Production/Maintenance to include plant requirements and support during SOP

Toolmakers : technical items and planning

The ideal candidate will have/be
- Master's degree in engineering, or significant professional experience
- Minimum 5 years of proven experience in specific domain or tooling manufacturing environment, preferably in automotive sector
- Knowledge in project management process
- Knowledge of 7 Quality Basics, FES, 13MRs
- Result oriented with strong written and oral communication skills
- Able to work in a multicultural environment
- English required,
- Able to travel to Production Plant, at Toolmakers, subcontractors mainly located in EU, Turkey, Russia, Asia, India…
- Each travel duration could be more than 2 weeks

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