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Plant Material Planner

Country/Region:  CN
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  4541

质量、成本、发货、人员绩效QCDP Performance

  1. 明确所有的产品和服务的需求,尤其是通过对客户需求的管理和月度汽车销售的预测,来明确公司销售计划

Recognize all demands for goods and services and recognize most likely the Sales Plan through the management of customer needs and the update of the key break-out coefficients applied to the monthly vehicles forecast. Build up the production plan (monthly, for the Demand Plan, and weekly, for the Sales Forecast, and daily for the customer KANBAN order) on 12-24 weeks horizon.     

  1. 保证月度计划,周计划,客户排程和主生产计划的一致性

Make sure that both Monthly Demand Plan and Weekly Sales Forecast, inputs for customer schedules and Mps, are consistent each other.      

  1. 提高预测的准确性,需要连续的基于需求计划周度评估和基于销售预测的月评估

Improve forecast accuracy, through its continuous measurement: weekly – based on the Demand Plan - and monthly – based on the Sales Forecast.      

  1. 评估生产计划的执行状况

Measure the performance of production plan

  1. SAP系统中设立物料的安全库存

Maintain in SAP safety stock for components     

  1. 根据SAP的运行结果,更新供应商的送货计划

Update deliveries schedule after running SAP       

  1. 根据项目采购的要求,在SAP系统变更和调整物料的供应商和各供应商供货比例

Revise the market-share according buyers’ request      

  1. 负责每周向供应商发布滚动预测和定单

Inform the rolling purchase schedule to suppliers every week   

  1. 下达生产物料的采购定单,并负责 追踪到货

Place purchase orderstracing and maintain them (invoices, confirmed closed orders, Kanban orders) 

  1. 定期召开工程变更协调会议,防止死库存、管理死库存

       Prevent Obsolescence and control Obsolescence by lead regular ECR management meeting

  1. 评估和监督供应商的供货表现

Review and monitor the supplier’s delivery performance.

  1. 根据客户更新的计划,相应调整库存,并对库存进行分析

Material inventory analysis and control basing on customer’s updated schedule


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