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Program Logistics Engineer Level 1

Date:  19-Apr-2021
Country/Region:  IN
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  16756
  • Build-up a leveled procurement program per part/supplier, according to MRP calculation, taking into both plant needs (PIC/PDP) and suppliers’ capacity;
  • Collaborate with the Transport Team to synchronize and optimize both transport and supply plans, and so contribute to transportation cost management, ensure the right account affectation for exceptional freights follow up
  • Lead the plant affectations of supplier deliveries when capacity constraints and ensure the proper communication/follow up;
  • Follow-up the execution of the plans, raise and manage alerts when needed; Understand and manage risks to minimize impact on production schedule;
  • Measure the supplier’s delivery performance (MPM), collaborate with Purchasing and the Plants to define corrective actions and improvement plans;
  • Ensure the eventual supplier/plant claims and cost recharge inputs to PC&L managers and Controllers ( Plants, Platform), follow the complete process with Purchasing to provide visibility & Forecast
  • Collaborate with the plants, purchasing and transportation team to continuously reduce inventories through regular reviews of the inventory segmentation (JNI) parameters in FCS;
  • Coordinate empty packaging flows in collaboration with the plants and transport team
  • Ensure that logistics conventions comply with purchasing objectives and support conditions set by suppliers for procurement and packaging and by logistics partners for transport and services
  • Develop logistics, perform freight analysis, interface with carriers, resolve carrier issues
  • Develop packaging requirements, quotes, allocate containers as needed, resolve packaging issues
  • Ensure customer delivery: feed and monitor the sequencer, supervise preparation and loading of finished products into trucks, track shipments, communicate all shipment failures, implement customer Misdeliveries per Million (MPM) follow up and contribute to its reduction.
  • Ensure adequate production lines supplies: assure the cleanness and tidiness of stocking areas, ensure feeding of production lines (small train), supervise the unloading of pieces and measure suppliers MPM and manage a warning system in picking zone.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to forecast, plan and facilitate on-time materials to the production line as and when required, avoiding disruption to production;
  • Generate and communicate supplier material delivery schedules and forecasts to ensure they reflect requirements and meet demands; issue formal quarterly review for critical suppliers;
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with suppliers and ensure demand for materials is met and deliveries made on time; visits planning can be set up for selected suppliers;

Develop and implement processes and work with suppliers on continuous improvement initiatives

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