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Asst manager Industrial Development

Date:  25-Nov-2022
Country/Region:  IN
City:  PUNE R&D
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  44232

Position Description:

Name of employee


Title of the position

Industrial Program Manager (IPM) = PLM

BG / Division / Site


The IPM (or equivalent) is responsible to industrialize the manufacturing process into the plant and launch the production on time and on target. Apply Group standards under the Faurecia Excellence System (FES) and aligned with FIS industrial strategy.


The main mission of the role is to ensure the good reception and deployment of manufacturing process, tool & equipment in the plant

  • to reach industrial performance targets
  • to reach production launch cost and time objectives

Timeframe is:

  • from Program Award until SOP + 6 months

Scope is:

  • All program launches in their plant


Main responsibilities are:

  • Program Plant launch planning & budget

Build, update & monitor the complete timing plan for industrialization of the program in the plant wich includes timing for plant preparation, launch room preparation, hiring plan, trials in the plant, back-up validation… to reach Program launch and SOP on time and on targets.

Define, update & monitor the launch objectives in term of time, quality and costs to secure budget as per the initial Business Plan.

Participate to / validate the industrial performance targets defined for the Program based on Plant return on experience

  • Program Industrial team management & organization


Represent the plant manager for the Launch activity (get the full support from the plant manager)


Built the plant Launch team started at GR2a, validated by Plant Mgr regarding competencies & resources availabilities.


Functionally manage all plant key functions: Production, Maintenance, Manufacturing Engineering, PC&L, Quality, Purchasing, HR, IT, FES… ensuring that the different routines & tools, including the link between plant and program functions, are in place to reach plant readiness.


Lead or ensure all plant launch readiness activities by conducting reviews (launch book reviews), assigning tasks, production runs preparation (LRKO, PT, Pre-MPT, MPT, EMPT), driving accountability and preparing launch related staffing, hiring and training plans.


Ensure the right communication between Program and Plant (Ex : Participation of Quality & logistic representatives for ECRs Meeting lead by PDL)


Communicate and report launch readiness progress and executive summary in a timely manner (PIPR, Steer Co, Launch readiness reviews). Launch book & KPIs completion and publication



  • Process definition and development contribution (PMS phase 2)

Challenge the process development based on Best Practices : MOD efficiency, Plant integration, scrap, PPM, …

Manage the Shared equipment Capacity, Plant layout, Capex inputs, internal MIFD, PC&L needs just in sequence definition, Plant organization including inputs (surface, capacity, available technologies) for footprint study.

Participate in the development of Make or Buy strategy in accordance with Purchasing, Program and Plant(s)

Review and validate Plant equipment selection (new / reuse / shared)

Agree capacity assumptions between PML & plant & organize available capacity for trials including Quality equipment capacity. In case of refurbishment needs identified by the program, organize the refurbishment of equipment according to the specifications defined by the T&E.

Ensure technical specification tools & equipments & gauges are validated by plant Process specialists and participate to the Sourcing Nomination Committee.

Ensure plant participation to weekly T&E progress status reviews organized by PML

Identify critical tooling & equipments and ensure specific follow-up of the critical ones, ensure participation of adequate plant process specialist.

Provide all risks related to plant to be included in the Program Risk Assessment.

Define necessary trainings for process experts, plant launch team members, operators, etc… with the launch team members

Support CAR committee preparation and participate to the CAR committee presentation.

Set-up the Plant Launch room with the required tracking charts / indicators (Visual management).

Establish and update the detailed plant launch planning from Tools & Equipment transfer to SOP, including Mass Production Trial (MPT), pre-series build events and production ramp-up.


  • Industrial development (PMS phase 3) : MPT

Organize the reception and installation of new tooling & equipment in the plant (including internal transportation inside the plants if needed) in collaboration with the Tool & Equipment Engineer.

Support the right integration of the new process into the Plant data system (traceability, equipment communication protocols…) and into the Plant Digital Transformation project.

Ensure that master data and EDI with Customers and Suppliers is correctly set and prepare the integration with the MP/TS Platform (Material Planning / Traffic Scheduling) 4 months before MPT (full completion for MPT).

MBOM transfer to the plant system (SAP)

Prepare the plant to perform the trials (PT, MPT) of the manufacturing process defined:

    • Nominate the required team
    • Organize with the Plant & UAP Manager the right competences and staffing & training plan
    • Ensure raw material and BOP ordered based on the transfer checklist readiness - by Program (before MPT) and by Plant (from MPT). Except if tool not yet in the plant still under program.
    • Define Serial Working Instruction and Standardized Work
    • Ensure internal packaging are specifed and in place for MPT with Plant PC&L launch coordinator
    • Update and follow-up of PFMEA/Control Plan
    • Insure S&R audit preparation & tracking with plant launch quality team & PQL-PML
    • Set-up Incoming inspection/ QW according to Faurecia rules

Mobilize the resources on Target Green MPT (out internal SOP according to FAURECIA rules)

Provide the necessary production trials reports evidences to ensure program actions, deliverables requirements and milestones are met (Reports: scrap, mat yield, work content, TRS, non TRS, cycle time …)

In case of gaps, liaise with T&E engineer and PML on the convergence plan definition and coordinate their deployment in order to achieve industrial performance targets and launch objectives.

Publish update status (LB) LRKO to  MPT-3m : monthly till  MPT-1m weelkly

Ensure launch procedures are applied: Launch book in Palm, invitation in outlook with agenda & distribution of reports & KPIs


  • Validation & Production launch (PMS phase 4)

In charge of the final acceptance of the Process, Tool & Equipment into the plant

  • Ensure the plant resources are mobilized to target on time final acceptance of the Process, Tool & Equipment, pull actions until the signature in collaboration with the PML
  • Ensure that plant representatives are involved and aligned on the final acceptance of the Process, Tool & Equipment.


Prepare the plant for the trials (EMPT)

    • Validate the back-up plan
    • Define internal ramp-up objectives, and setup the safety stock with PC&L and production
    • Report daily KPIs, feedback loop with PTEE and PML
    • Work Content follow-up from MPT's to Post -Audit
    • Coordinate deployment of convergence plan until final acceptance
    • Deliver final acceptance of the Tool, Equipment in place including convergence plan to BP closure
    • Manage the MOD convergence with FES and UAP managers

Mobilize the resources on Target Green EMPT (ramp-up preparation)


Participate to the post-audit closure


  • Capitalization

Capitalize on program experience by:

  • Updating and finalizing the program documentation related to program launches in the plant
  • Raising and recording Lessons Learned
  • Raise proposition for standards update or creation


Monitoring / Indicators

From production trial, follow the Industrial performance targets

From program kick-off follow define and follow the launch cost and plant launch planning

Means / Support


  • Anticipate & manage the necessary support in terms of expertise when needed (PLTE (ex GTS), IPEX, support functions, …)
  • Tbd


Main interfaces:


  • Plant key functions: Production, Maintenance, Manufacturing Engineering, HSE, Logistics, Quality, Purchasing, HR, IT… and IPEs when necessary with functional reporting line to IPM
  • Program key functions: PM, PML, PDL, PQL, PTEE, Purchasing, SC&P
  • Quality for product performance (dimensions and appearance)
  • IPM (or equivalent) reports to plant manager & is part of Program Core team.
  • IPM (or equivalent) reports functionaly to Division industrial representative department.


The ideal candidate will have/be:

  • Engineering Master’s degree*
  • Have a first experience in Program Management and 2 years in management position
  • Master appropriated tools
  • Bilingual with mandatory English