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Purchasing Technician

Date:  08-Apr-2021
Country/Region:  PT
Contract Type:  Trainee
Requisition ID:  14347

Overall responsibilities and duties:

Faurecia is implementing Purchasing Support Platform. Its main objectives are to boost purchasing organization efficiency and data reliability by simplifying and standardizing processes and improving communication between functions. PSP is also supporting buyers to allow them to focus on their core activities.

The main missions of the role are:

The main purpose of the job is to provide a smooth and efficient service about purchasing administrative and back office affairs. The job will partly cover below tasks:

Purchasing Support Analyst

Supplier Enablement:

  • Ensure and follow-up the enablement of suppliers in Ariba based on the strategy provided by buyers;
  • Testing the end-to-end process for full-enabled suppliers.


  • Provide support to users and suppliers in the different system used by the purchasing community and suppliers.

RFQ collaborative:

  • Check if the RFQ is necessary or not;
    • Perform a quality check of the information available (detailed specification or description of the need is provided by the requester);
  • Flag / identify action completed by administrator and assign it to the buyer;
  • Make follow-up with the suppliers to get confirmation that they will participate in the RFQ process.

PR & PO management:

  • make compliance check of the different PR’s received through the different buying channels and ensure the Faurecia procedures are respected and applied;
  • Manage and correct the system errors linked to PO failed and send the PO to the suppliers;
  • Update and manage the supplier data in MDM

Contract management for Indirect Purchasing

  • Ensure the correct input, maintenance and update of the contracts in Ariba, as well other platforms used, using information received from buyers;
  • Perform the parameterization of the system to allow the correct link between the PR’s and catalogues with a contract.

Blocked invoices management

  • Investigate and analyze root causes of the blocked invoices using the information displayed in VIM tool (Vendor Invoice Management);
  • Contact users, buyers and suppliers to properly validate the information available in the system and deploy the necessary action to release the invoice (by asking debit note, credit note or releasing the invoice for payment);
  • Improve the ART (Average Resolution time) of the blocked invoices.

Internal/External catalogues management

  • Create, update and maintain the External and internal catalogues;
  • Ensure that the information (price, reference, item, etc) received is in line with the negotiated conditions between supplier and buyer;
  • Make content analysis and provide information to the buyers and users;
  • Manage sub-agreement contract (if multisite suppliers, several sub-agreements to be created) and catalog views.
  • Create a contract downstream catalog type (for one or several suppliers when multisite

PDP and Tool crib management

  • In collaboration with Tool Crib/PDP managers, create, update and maintain the information in the different system;
  • Perform tests in test environment and Production environment to ensure quality of the data (prices, references, items, etc);
  • Manage sub-agreement contract (if multisite suppliers, several sub-agreements to be created) and catalog views;
  • Manage contract validation with commodity buyers;

Contract & scheduling agreement management for Direct Purchasing

  • Creation, update and correction of purchasing price contracts using the information received through the different sources (e-Pvs, PMVS, e-mail, Price card, etc)
  • Creation of purchasing material master data views
  • Creation of purchasing scheduling agreements
  • Creation of purchase order

Supplier Master Data management

  • Manage the maintenance of Supplier master data in the systems.

Product and price analysis (spend analysis & Payback)

  • Make the spend analysis by gathering the spent from the several systems, analyze it and provide an ABC analysis of the spent and suppliers scope.

Guided buying analyst

  • Create tiles which are structuring Guided Buying (similar to marketplace interface)
  • Load translations so that the interface is adapted in local language where SAP Ariba is implemented
  • Load supplier qualifications
  • Load validation policy and supplier touch policy templates

Can be assigned to the owner of the position other tasks that are similar or functionally connected and for which he/she has the adequate qualifications and competencies for achieving the goals of the GBS PSP organization.

Execute the function correctly and accept the responsibilities associated with it, in accordance with the quality, environment and safety policies and the strategic objectives of the company in this area



The ideal candidate will have/be:

  • Education level: Degree in business school or purchasing related.

Skills and competencies:

  • Have purchasing experience or worked as purchasing assistant.
  • Service minded
  • Good with computer skills (Internet, MS Office), Knowledge of SAP MM and/or Ariba is a plus.
  • Self-controller
  • Good communication skills and communicable in English or French or German or Spanish.
  • Capability to execute as per a work instruction
  • Analysis skills
  • Capability to play with various files
  • Data cruncher
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