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Logistics Supervisor / Improvement Coordinator

Date:  22-Feb-2021
Country/Region:  US
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  9243


The role of a PC&L(Production Control & Logistics) Supervisor / Improvement Coordinator is to manage the internal flow of pieces, from receipt to shipping; manage and track product related changes (new product launches, product transfers, product changes, and product phase-outs.);  lead the implementation of Production Control & Logistics (PC&L) standard tools and best practices methodologies within a plant. 



  • Ensure customer delivery: feed and monitor the sequencer, supervise preparation and loading of finished products into trucks, track shipments, communicate all shipment failures, implement customer Misdeliveries per Million (MPM) follow up and contribute to its reduction.
  • Ensure adequate production lines supplies: assure the cleanness and tidiness of stocking areas, ensure feeding of production lines (small train), supervise the unloading of pieces and measure suppliers MPM and manage a warning system in picking zone.
  • Conduct the implementation of logistics basics: booking operations, traceability, labelling, container management, etc.
  • Monitor visual management system: deploy visual First In First Out (FIFO) and install physical alert systems. 
  • Organize equipment and human resources. 
  • Look for productivity gains.
  • Manage, train and coach logistics operators team.


Engineering Change:

  • Manage Engineering Change Request (ECR) / Engineering Change Order (ECO) process for Troy East
  • Manage product Bill of Material in SAP
  • Manage / Update plant ECR/ECO matrix
  • Manage application dates of product modifications according to engineering change procedures
  • Develop & maintain strong communication channels with program teams. 
  • Champion weekly change control meeting with representation from plant teams (Quality, PC&L, Production, and Manufacturing Engineering)
  • Ensure that changes are taken into account in production scheduling (PDP)
  • Work with PC&L and program teams to reduce product obsolescence.
  • Promote and ensure the respect of the code of ethics and code of management.
  • Support plant launch activities as required


Production Control and Logistics (PC&L) 

  • The proper implementation on time of all the standards and best practices related to supply chain management of the plant, as a project leader, under the PC&L manager priority guidance, for serial life but also for upcoming programs, as a support.
  • The update of all the standards in place for the plant (Digitalization, automation) and their adequate diffusion within the plant ( including Documentation/instruction), as preferred contact point of PC&L improvements and PC&L projects  network.
  • The lead and the enrichment of the PC&L productivity portfolio.


Deliverables and Performance Indicators:

Financials: according to productivity portfolio management (co responsibility)

Systems and tool usage: New KPI implementation Follow up ( Incl Pod KPI), ( Parametrization for FCS for ex, Process readiness in the shop floor for example)

Process adherence to standards: co responsibility into FES X.O audit, ICB compliance, FCP and guideline compliance (ex 7DB, 7IB)

Project management: Time to implement, training coverage,  % of PC&L updated documentation for example


Specific Activities:


Process Standardization and Development: Lead the Plant PC&L improvement plan (tools, process, benchmarks) and ensure the adherence to  PC&L standards (FCP), ICB, HSE, Safety and FES guidelines, lead the eventual convergence plan related to PC&L

  • Set up the means to achieve the action plan (under PC&L manager guidance) propose solutions and ensure the proper follow up & reporting to ease the full implementation on time.
  • Communicate Improvement initiatives: train and coach plant employees when necessary and carry out progress workshops in accordance with the plant PC&L manager.
  • Support management in the implementation of PC&L tools and provide technical support to other functions.
  • Manage the PC&L productivity Portfolio. Identify, propose and implement best practices in order improve the PC&L performance : surface utilization, labor efficiency, handling utilization, with the effective support of other functions ( Quality, FES, ME, Finance, Digital).
  • Ensure Know-how capitalization and check that used documentation is updated.


Business Planning and Entrepreneurship:

  • Propose the PC&L deployment objectives to PC&L management and build up an action plan in cooperation with the plant and PC&L network
  • Build some intimacy to have a good relationship with Internal plant customers, Sales & Customers, Purchasing & Suppliers, Program team & Engineering, MPTS platforms.


Team Management, Training and Communication:

  • Lead the improvement plan and set up plan as a functional Manager – promote Being Faurecia
  • Respect of Faurecia code of Management and Values (Entrepreneurial mindset, autonomy and accountability, fairness and respect) engage team members in working in standard conditions and focused on continuous improvement. Knowledge of Employee Empowerment (EE) basics.
  • Meet the code of conduct of the Company and promote it within her team. Behave as a ¨role model¨, according to the “Being Faurecia” spirit.
  • Provide support (technical/managerial) to plant team and escalade issues to  Managers, when required.
  • Cascade all important information to Plant team; Provide reporting to managers; Propose training plans in relations to Managers to improve the skills of PC&L  team.



The ideal candidate will have/be:

  • Knowledge of production planning, manufacturing methods, production/inventory control, and purchasing
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3 to 5 years of professional experience in production / industrial environment
  • Strong analytical, organizational and administrative skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to work effectively with all levels of the organization
  • Strong team player
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