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Customer Contact

Date:  03-Nov-2022
Country/Region:  CN
City:  WUXI
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  34496
  1. 客户订单及相关事宜处理,签订物流协议,问题处理。

Deal with customer orders and other affairs, sign logistics agreement. Trouble shooting.

  1. 管理客户需求的波动,协调内部资源与客户需求匹配

Manage customer demand variance, levelling weekly demandcoordinate internal process to meet customer demand.

  1. PIC客户需求的维护,与市场,财务,总部关于客户需求的及时沟通,确认

PIC maintaince, keep timely communication with marketing, finance, HQ regarding customer volume

  1. 确保SAP系统发运和应收帐款的一致性。

    Ensure SAP shipping record in line with AR. Cooperate with Finance team.

  1. 检查核对成品相关运费、仓储外库等明细,确保运费申请和系统收货流程准时准确完成。

Check and reconcile customer freight and external warehouse related cost, Ensure freight cost application and system booking on time

  1. 附加和其它工作任务Other and Specific Missions
    1. 遵守健康安全环境规定 Ensure full respect of HSE rules and regulations
    2. 直属经理交给的其他临时任务 Other temporary task arranged by Line Manager

确保工作行为充分尊重了集团的道德规范和管理规范、公司的规章制度、价值观及员工手册等 Ensure full respect of Code of ethics & Code of management\ Rules and Regulations \Values\Employee handbook of the company

技能和知识 Skills & Knowhow

  1. Excel, Word等办公软件的使用 Use Excel, Word Officer software
  2. ERP系统的使用 ERP system use
  3. MRP (物料生产计划)的逻辑理解 MRP logistic understanding
  4. BOM 的了解 BOM understanding
  5. 包装要求,零件运输过程保护要求Package demand, protection demand during transportation.
  6. JIT Window 的使用Understand and use JIT Window to analysis customer demand
  7. 供应商管理和供货业绩评估能力 Supplier management and delivery performance assessment skill

PSE系统的了解 PSE understanding