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Industrial Controller

Country/Region:  CN
Contract Type:  Fixed Term
Requisition ID:  7213


1、协助制定材料成本预算 Assist to prepare material cost budget

2、每月编制PI采购报表 Montly prepare actual and forecast purchase report

3、审核供应商报价确保公司的盈利能力 Audit suppliers’ quotation to ensure company’s profitability

4、审核材料供应商及产品销售价格合同 Audit materials suppliers’contracts and products selling pices contracts

5、产品毛利月度跟踪 Prodcut material margin analysis and follow up by month

6、审核跟踪ECR/ECO VAVE并提出建议 Audit and track ECR/ECO ,VAVE and make advices

7、督促物流部循环盘点及差异分析以及改进计划, 并监督实施 Monitoring logistic inventory daily cycle count ,analysis variance, action plan and implementation.

8、每天根踪ERP中价格及成本差异, 分析原因并且解决有问题差异 Daily price and cost variance follow up in ERP

9、跟踪生产过程中产生的报废并分析原因,向管理层报警及提出控制建议 Follow-up plant scrap and analysis it, provide warning and control suggestions.

10、跟踪商务问题,并评估对公司造成的影响,及时提出预警 Follow-up commercial issue, and estimate the impact to company results, alert to management timely

11、编制集团相关分析报表以及中国财务制度下的本地财务报表, 协助财务经理处理内外部审计工作,以及跟踪推进相应行动计划,协调税务机关方面的工作 Prepare group analytical report and local PRC report, assist FM to colabrate with internal and external audit, tax authority follow up related action plan to ensure the implementations

12、核查所有产品实际BOM与制造BOM 的一致性 Check all products’ actual BOM be line with released M-BOM

13、每月提供所有产品实际成本 Provide all products’ actual cost set monthly

14、负责提供月度采购报表并对主要差异事项作出分析解释 Providing PI report monthly and analytical explanations on the main variation

15、负责编制标准成本维护及分析 Responsible for standard material cost maintenance and analysis

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