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Program Quality Leader Engineer

Date:  10-Jul-2022
Country/Region:  CN
Contract Type:  Unlimited
Requisition ID:  24363

The main missions of the role are:

采用APQP/PMS的方法开展新项目的先期质量策划活动 Develop advanced quality planning for new program by adopting APQP/PMS methods

    1. 识别所有客户需求(明确的和潜在的)并转化为项目需求,建立详细的质量工作计划,确保计划的跟踪及更新,需要时启动纠正措施Rationalize all Customer needs (explicit and implicit), transform them into project requirements, to establish a detailed schedule in the area of Quality. Ensure that the schedule is followed and updated. Launch corrective actions if necessary.
    2. 积极参与过程流程图、失效模式分析、控制计划、产品作业指导书的编制会审,负责产品检验指导书 Actively participate to the PFCPFEMAControl Plan, Products Operation Instruction creation and review. In Charge of creation for Products inspection instruction.
    3. 积极参与项目小组活动(项目风险评估、项目每阶段回顾、项目QRQC等)Actively participate to Project Team activities (project risk assessment, gate review, project QRQC etc.)
    4. 确保过程受控,验证过程能力,组织认可初始样件Ensure the manufacture process under the control, study process capability, to organize the validation the Initial Samples3
    5. 组织公司检验用工装、夹具、检具的设计、制作和验收Pilot the design, manufacture and receive of the tooling/jig/gauge for recliner/slide inspection
    6. 进行过程审核(MPTEMPTannual process audit at SOP),并跟踪纠正预防措施计划的实施 Actualize process audit(MPTEMPTannual process audit at SOP), and follow up the correction/prevent action plan
    7. 向客户提交生产件批准PPAP文件(含项目阶段、SOP后产品和或过程更改时), 获得客户的批准文件Provide PPAP files (including project stage, and product/process engineer changed), and get the approval from the customer
    8. 跟踪质量受影响的事项(客户、产品、实验室等),确保客户与质量部间的沟通。如遇问题,采用QRQC,实施即时围堵政策,通知支持功能部门,建立纠正预防行动计划 Follow up the affected contributors (Quality follow-up in client, production, and lab). Ensure permanent communication with the Customer and Quality Departments. React in case of a problem: take care of immediate containment, inform support functions, build corrective and prevent action plans
    9. 遵守健康安全环境规定 Ensure full respect of HSE rules and regulations
    10. HSE合作实施HSE培训Cooperate with HSE coordinator to implement HSE training
    11. 保证和直属经理的透明和及时沟通 Ensure transparent timely communication with Line Manager
    12. 部门内其他员工不在时,顶岗 Replace other staff’s job when he/she is absent or busy

直属经理交给的其他临时工作 Others temporary job given by Line Manager

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