Nicholas CAMPBELL - NEXTGEN graduate in South Africa

Near the end of my first year at Faurecia, I was privileged to go on the Faurecia NEXTGEN Convention. This was an incredible and unique experience, unlike anything I had attended before. To begin, the venue was outstanding, a beautiful beach side resort. On top of that, the opportunities provided and experiences gained were invaluable. As a graduate, I was able not only to present my work to fellow graduates and managers from within Faurecia South Africa, but to interact with the senior management team, both professionally and socially – a rare experience for a first year employee. From the talks given by senior management, to the professional team building and leadership exercises run, the convention was a huge success and most definitely one to remember for all in attendance. The convention was also well balanced with a healthy dose of energetic fun. A fantastic outdoor activity race on the beach and lagoon was a definite highlight and the social games evening too. All in all, it was an experience that I will not forget, and one I am extremely thankful for.