Kirsten - Previous Graduate on NEXTGEN

I studied Mechanical engineering and started as a graduate in the ME department. I got a lot of experience tackling the project of plant relayout. The objective was to change the layout of the Cape Town plant to align with Faurecia plant standards. I was given the opportunity to become a process engineer within the same department. This gave me hands on experience with how to deal with the daily challenges in production. I have been given the opportunity to develop my management skills by spending three months as a production supervisor. I have recently moved to the launch department as a PLTL (Plant Launch Team Leader.) In this position I am responsible for ensuring production readiness of new programs being launched.

I have been given plenty of opportunities to develop myself and my career over the past two years. The recent NEXT GEN convention was a great opportunity to share what we have learnt so far with our colleagues as well as with senior management. The convention provided a good platform to share ideas with other young graduates and to see what is being done in other plants in South Africa. The relationships formed during the convention will no doubt be invaluable for the young graduates going forward as everyone has created a network of young Faurecian’s that they can use to bounce ideas off.