mei zhifeng

After graduating from the French Engineering School “Université Technologique de Compiègne” in 2011, Zhifeng accepted a position as a SAP Engineer within the Faurecia IT Shared Service Center in Shanghai. After two years, he was given responsibility for the implementation of a new SAP technology. In 2016, he was promoted to his current position as Digital Enterprise Functional Support and Project Manager.


“Before I joined the company, I didn’t really know much about Faurecia but I became aware of them because they have an active presence at my university. During the interview process in France, I discovered what a big presence and commitment they have in China, so the opportunity was very attractive to me. I really like the mix of French and Chinese cultures here in Shanghai.

My current responsibilities involve the rollout of digital transformation initiatives at Faurecia plants in China. We’re also working on the planning for implementation in Korea, Thailand and India. It’s very focused on improving production at the plant shop floor level so we’re very much involved with operations.

Working in digital is a great place to be within Faurecia. It’s a big priority for the company and involves the latest innovations and technologies, touching all aspects of production.

I love the challenge of the fast-paced environment and tight deadlines. Beginning last September, for example, we implemented six digital projects in just four months. Everything was brand new to me – the technology, the processes, even the customer. Our five-member team adapted and we achieved our objectives. It gave us a real sense of accomplishment and is a source of pride.

And, the action doesn’t stop. This year, we’re working on 16 projects!”