Clément-Minoru Kubota

Clement’s prior experience includes working as an attorney in the private practice, being part of the international legal department of a major automaker and being head of legal for the business unit of a global power generating company in South-East Asia. 


“As a relative newcomer to Faurecia, the learning curve has been fast and steep. There is a perpetual diversity in the subjects we work on, from innovation contracts to IP license agreements, from sales agreements to purchasing contracts, from M&A and partnerships with business partners to restructurings and insolvency proceedings. It’s fast-paced and intense and requires some true mental agility.


My prior experience gave me a solid grounding for the wide variety of legal issues I deal with today. In addition to technical expertise,   the job requires being a true partner with the business and going beyond simply identifying problems. As in-house legal advisors, we’re expected to propose solutions. We need to be able to present a situation and the related legal risks objectively and to give our opinion on the best course of action. That’s how we truly provide value to our internal customers.


Faurecia has a strong intercultural character, which requires well-developed soft skills such as openness to others, agility, creativity, listening skills and an ability to work well in teams. We work with people around the world every day on an ever-changing array of challenges. The opportunities to learn more are never-ending!”