Susana Franco

After starting as a Faurecia trainee while at university, Susana was offered a job in the company’s Quality Department. From there, she became a Production Supervisor, then worked in Faurecia Excellence Systems (FES) before becoming Production Control & Logistic Manager one year ago.

“In my job, my team and I manage all the logistics in the plant as part of the supply chain. I really like the fact that we have responsibility for production control and logistic throughout the entire plant. There are constant opportunities for finding ways to improve what we do.

The knowledge I gained in my previous jobs has been really valuable in preparing me for my current one. We’ve been able to apply ideas that I had developed when I was in Faurecia Excellence System, for example, to help find savings in transport and in internal and external flows. 

Currently, we’re implementing digital applications such as automatic vehicle guides to optimize production processes. By installing robotics for certain repetitive processes, we’re able to free employees to work on higher value added tasks where they’re really needed.

This job is all about making sure we have the right quantity of the right material at the right time and place and for the right cost to make sure we’re satisfying our customer. There’s a human resource aspect to it and you need to have good negotiating skills, both internally and outside. Our plant is growing and the work is fast-paced so you also have to be prepared for pressure.

Truly, I wasn’t sure if I’d like logistics before I started. But, with the responsibilities I have, the good work environment and the great team I work with, I love it!”