Evgeniya Silchenko

After her studies in economics and international trade in Russia and Spain and a finance internship in the UK, Evgenya accepted an internship position with Faurecia in France in commodities purchasing. In 2011, she accepted a position of a Program Buyer, becoming Purchasing Program Leader in 2014 before moving to her current position in 2016.

“Ever since I was a kid, I had a passion for cars. When I was looking for internships, as I wasn’t studying engineering, I didn’t really know anything about Faurecia. But, I was fascinated by the idea that cars ultimately aren’t made by car manufacturers, they’re made by companies like Faurecia that produce the various components.

In my job today, I’m responsible for serial production, which is the stage after a program has been developed and validated with our customers and suppliers. I’m the interface between our plants and the customer. I follow every single customer request ranging from quality and delivery claims to product or process improvements. I work with teams throughout the company on everything from ensuring stable production to delivering productivity & innovations.

What I like best in my job is the human relationships. Teamwork is essential and flexibility and empathy are really important. You have to be a good listener and curious about everything, willing to go into depth on any issue to make sure you know it as well as the customer. I don’t have budgetary or hierarchical authority over the teams I work with. Convincing people isn’t a question of power; it’s about trying to help them with their challenges and focusing on our common goal: serving our customer.”