Etienne Raash

In doing an internship at the Faurecia plant in Cologne while studying mechanical engineering for his bachelor’s degree, Etienne discovered the world of Faurecia and the automotive industry. The experience led him to study automotive engineering for his master’s program, during which he worked part-time for Faurecia as a Process Engineer and Assistant Project Manager. Following his studies, he took a full-time position, gaining exposure to the Faurecia Excellence System before taking a position as Quality Engineer at the company’s plant in Böblingen.

“The quality of our product is key to customer satisfaction. It’s my responsibility to make sure the customer’s perspective is present within our plant and that we are finding solutions as quickly as possible to any issues that may arise and taking actions to ensure quality is maintained over the long term.
My job today involves our center console and door trim programs for a premium German customer.

What makes this job so interesting is that every day is a new one, with new topics and challenges. The environment is really positive and we have a great team spirit. You’re constantly making new contacts and building your network.

This is also a place where you really learn by doing. When I arrived, I was provided with a mentor and then jumped right into the job, with responsibility from the first day. It’s an opportunity to learn fast and to show what you can do. I really feel that I’ve been able to grow quickly within the company.”