Jeremy Theeze

Relatively new in the Group, Jeremy joined the Legal Department in September 2016 after 10 years working for U.S.- and UK-based law firms in Paris. A specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions, his new responsibilities include advising the business groups and the Group on transactions involving buying and selling of assets and companies in support of Faurecia’s external growth strategy.

“One of the attractions of coming to Faurecia was the opportunity to be closer to the heart of industrial activities and decision-making. In my new position, I’m much closer to what is going on in the business. Because Faurecia is an agile, fast-moving organization, I also have much easier access to decision-makers. I have more opportunities to work with them directly than in other companies.

Other qualities of Faurecia that I appreciate are the international work environment and the mix of cultures, origins and skillsets. It challenges me to go beyond my core expertise and, at times, outside my comfort zone. It means not just considering legal objectives but also understanding the business side and being willing to take and accept risks. There’s also an important pedagogic component of our work in ensuring that our internal customers clearly understand the legal issues at stake in our decisions and actions.”

Faurecia places a lot of emphasis on mobility and providing opportunities to acquire new skills and advance in our career. It’s a great environment to learn and expand one’s horizons.”