Olivier Dumont

Olivier began his career in press relations and has served in a number of posts in internal, external and digital communications. He joined Faurecia 3 years ago. Today, his responsibilities include serving as webmaster for Faurecia’s internet site, communicating via social media and overseeing online communities. He also coordinates with local Communications teams in the U.S., China, Mexico, Germany and other countries to ensure Faurecia’s digital messaging is being effectively delivered worldwide.

"To work in Communications, it helps to be curious about everything! As I’m responsible for Faurecia’s digital communications with external audiences, each day is likely to bring something different. This can range from publishing regulated financial information to communicating on the company’s latest innovations around a major auto show to profiling our employees engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility activities like our FUELS program. We need to be well-informed about virtually every aspect of what the company does and to be comfortable working across multiple cultures and languages.

Monitoring and ensuring responses to online communications puts me in the role of being the company’s first-line in its cyber relationships with the public. A significant number of exchanges are with people interested in employment opportunities with Faurecia and it’s impressive to see how highly motivated many of them are.   

Ideal qualities for Communications team members include good editorial and analytical abilities to deal with the diversity of subjects. Good organizational skills and an ability to keep cool while working under pressure are also important. We need to be able to grasp and respond to complex and changing situations quickly and efficiently. And then, be ready for the next one.”