Shekhar SURTI

Two years after taking a job with Faurecia in Financial Reporting Systems, Shekhar decided he wanted to gain experience in the industry on the functional side. Today, as a cost analyst in Faurecia’s Seating activity, Shekhar is responsible for ensuring the correct costing of frames used in car seats. Working with colleagues in other departments, he confirms the number that helps determine whether a proposed business plan represents a profit or a loss.

“Faurecia is a company that’s able to provide you with new opportunities when you’re interested in doing something new. They’re very open to mobility between functions and countries and giving you a chance.

My job is highly interactive. I work with multiple teams in multiple countries and my job gives me a lot of exposure to other parts of the company. It opens up additional opportunities if I’m interested in the future in exploring other fields like sales, programs or Production Control & Logistics. 

I joined Faurecia in part because I have a passion for automobiles and wanted to know more. Faurecia is a very welcoming company. Everyone is very open to sharing information and there are no issues about being a newcomer. As soon as I arrived, I felt like I had already been working there!”