Michelin Challenge Bibendum: The Engineers and Designers of Tomorrow Imagine the Future of Mobility

Faurecia joined other industry players for this friendly contest which was held at the Group’s headquarters. The event invites engineering and design students to imagine concept vehicles based on pre-defined user needs.

After a first phase aimed at identifying user expectations based on “personae” (user archetypes), engineering students from ESTACA and students from the industrial design school STRATE, were briefed on six user cases covering the following needs:

  • 2025 Taxi platform
  • 2025 Professional ride sharing
  • 2025 Leisure ride sharing
  • 2025 Residential car sharing
  • 2025 Open car sharing
  • 2025 Minibus shuttle

With their complementary profiles, the cross-functional teams of students were expected to present concepts that were at once daring and feasible, attractive and practical, visionary and realistic.

The teams also had to make sure they addressed current and future challenges such as accessibility, connectivity and clean mobility in their designs.


About the Michelin Challenge Bibendum initiative

The competition is part of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum initiative, a collaborative network of large companies working together to identify solutions for sustainable mobility.
With the support of major companies (Dassault Systems, Michelin, Mobivia, Total, Air Liquide, SNCF, etc.), Faurecia has taken the lead of a community of interest focused on future interior design based on user needs.