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Central Traffic Scheduler
Central Traffic Scheduler Wałbrzych, MZ, PL 10-Nov-2022
Wałbrzych, MZ, PL 10-Nov-2022 Unlimited
VIE - Innovation Product Engineer
VIE - Innovation Product Engineer Wałbrzych, DS, PL 23-Nov-2022
Wałbrzych, DS, PL 23-Nov-2022
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor WALBRZYCH Recliners, PL 12-Nov-2022
WALBRZYCH Recliners, PL 12-Nov-2022 Unlimited
FES & P pilot VIE
FES & P pilot VIE WALBRZYCH Frames, PL 05-Nov-2022
WALBRZYCH Frames, PL 05-Nov-2022 VIE
PC&L Improvement engineer
PC&L Improvement engineer WALBRZYCH Frames, DS, PL 06-Nov-2022
WALBRZYCH Frames, DS, PL 06-Nov-2022 VIE
BG maintenance engineer (VIE)
BG maintenance engineer (VIE) Legnica, DS, PL 12-Nov-2022
Legnica, DS, PL 12-Nov-2022
PC&L Improvement VIE
PC&L Improvement VIE LEGNICA Frames, PL 03-Nov-2022
LEGNICA Frames, PL 03-Nov-2022 VIE
Supervisor level 2
Supervisor level 2 JELCZ, DS, PL 12-Nov-2022
JELCZ, DS, PL 12-Nov-2022 Unlimited
Controlling VIE
Controlling VIE JELCZ, DS, PL 23-Nov-2022
JELCZ, DS, PL 23-Nov-2022 VIE
VIE Management Development Coordinator M/F
VIE Management Development Coordinator M/F Grójec, MZ, PL 08-Nov-2022
Grójec, MZ, PL 08-Nov-2022
Energy Reduction Program Engineer
Energy Reduction Program Engineer GROJEC, PL 29-Oct-2022
GROJEC, PL 29-Oct-2022 VIE
FES VIE Pilot GROJEC, PL 08-Nov-2022
GROJEC, PL 08-Nov-2022 VIE
Plant HSE Manager
Plant HSE Manager GROJEC, PL 17-Nov-2022
GROJEC, PL 17-Nov-2022 Fixed Term
Traffic Scheduler
Traffic Scheduler GROJEC, MZ, PL 05-Nov-2022
GROJEC, MZ, PL 05-Nov-2022 Fixed Term
Division HSE project leader
Division HSE project leader GROJEC R&D, PL 01-Nov-2022
GROJEC R&D, PL 01-Nov-2022 VIE
FEA Pilot
FEA Pilot GROJEC R&D, MZ, PL 12-Nov-2022
GROJEC R&D, MZ, PL 12-Nov-2022 Unlimited
Konstruktor Catia v5
Konstruktor Catia v5 GROJEC R&D, MZ, PL 12-Nov-2022
GROJEC R&D, MZ, PL 12-Nov-2022 Unlimited
Program Manufacturing Leader/ LIDER PROGRAMÓW PROCESU PRODUKCYJNEGO GROJEC R&D, DS, PL 12-Nov-2022 Unlimited