Students challenging the future of mobility

On two occasions, Faurecia welcomed students to work in record time on solutions for the future of mobility.

Aude MICOLLIER, Marketing and Innovation Engineer «Successful bet for Faurecia and students: discover Faurecia, our Clean Mobility division and our businesses ... And above all, generate ideas, use cases and business models with a fresh look!"


Each team consisted of 3 engineering school students, 3 business students and a designer student to help them translate their ideas into a more visual format.

Faurecia Innovation Challenge @ Mondial Paris auto show

Faurecia Innovation Challenge @ Mondial Paris auto show

After having selected their best concept, each team pitched its solutions in front of a jury of Faurecia experts who rewarded the best project. After this morning to reflect on their subjects, the different teams were invited to a guided tour on the Faurecia booth and to discover the best innovations of the Mondial de Paris.