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Faurecia Rotational Development Program (RDP)

What is it?

  • A two-year program consisting of four 6-month, cross-divisional rotations at various locations around the U.S. and abroad.
  • The RDP focuses on 1 of 6 fields (PC&L, Operations, Program Management, Quality, Finance, or HR).
  • Trainees rotate through a set program with a base in Operations & the Faurecia Excellence System (FES). There are four rotations that each last 6 months with the last rotation targeted abroad.
  • Trainees will also be assigned an Executive Mentor.

How You Can Benefit:

  • Gaining real world experience
  • Enhancing hands-on learning
  • Having opportunities to work abroad
  • Creating lifelong network of peers and mentors
  • Proving their skills for future employment
  • Having high level exposure to Executive team (including semester rotation presentations)

What past RDP participants say


Faurecia’s internship program in the U.S. provides us with an important means of improving our recent graduate talent pool for filling future Faurecia openings.
To be considered an intern, the student must be taking at least 12 credit hours during each term while employed by Faurecia.

3 intern classifications:

  • Year-round intern – pursuing Bachelor’s degree while working as part–time employee at Faurecia. (minimum 20 hours per week)
  • Co/ops – rotate between school pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and working at Faurecia full–time on a regular basis.
  • Summer interns -- work at Faurecia full-time three months or less per year and are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

What past interns say about their experience