What is in it for you?

Top employerCertified 2021 in 9 countries and 1 region
1,700recruitments per year

In addition to its apprenticeship and training programs,
Faurecia invest a lot in volunteering for international experience (VIE) which enables young graduates to work abroad for a first or second experience.

“VIE is a unique experience abroad! Working in a diverse environment and taking on responsibilities can really boost your career.”

“It’s a unique chance to be involved in designing how people will travel in the future - which is going to change radically over the coming decade.”
+3,000internships, apprenticeships or V.I.E.
“Tomorrow, data-science and AI will transform the way we interact and work. I'm very happy to be part of this journey.”
“We’re always in motion, constantly improving and innovating in the fast-paced automotive industry. It’s very exciting!”
8,000Engineers & 39 R&D centers
“A 360° for total customer satisfaction with strong internal and diverse collaborations to launch new products.”

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